Behind the Seeds with Kids

Would you recommend the Behind the Seeds tour with young children (4 kids ages 2-8)? My mom is really wanting to do this next trip and I’m trying to decide if I should just book it for just my folks or include my family also.

If we had the time we would do this with the kids. One of our favorite rides however was LWTL. We all thought it was so cool. The tour sounds like there is a lot to see that would keep interest. Including seeing baby alligators up close! (I think or were they removed?)

I just did it last week with a 9yr old, and he liked it. It’s an hour long, and depending on the ages of the kids, it might be best to split the group up instead of paying 25.00 and having kids complain about being bored. Not sure if it’s possible to plan it during a time when the 2 yr old can nap in a stroller, if strollers are allowed? That might be something to look into. I’d say that maybe ages 6 and up would be a decent bet to stay interested for the entire hour. Kids’ highlights:

Lots of fruits and vegetables growing vertically.
Descriptions and videos of the bugs they use to control other bugs
Stanley The Plant
Feeding the fish
Giant squashes
You might get to sample one of the vegetables.

Do they still have alligators? I was considering it because my daughter really wanted to see a baby alligator. In addition to all of the other cool stuff of course! Since then we made it to the everglades and got to see a mom with her babies! Still hoping to do this tour some day though.

No alligators on our tour.