Behind the Seeds Trip Report

I scheduled this for our first park day at Epcot, 11:30. It was surprisingly fun and expectedly informative. Our guide was Allison and you could tell she enjoyed her task.

The plant with the Santa hat was named Stanley and had fronds that would curl up if you touched them.

The tree with the Santa hat is a black pepper tree that is the oldest one in the pavilion. We got to stand in a circle around the fish tank and throw in food.

The tour took an hour but it went by quickly. It was fun and inexpensive and I highly recommend it.


That does look fun!!


We’ve done that (pre-COVID) and would certainly do it again.


Oh I’m so glad you liked it! My DS13 just told me that he wanted to do the tour so I booked him to go with my dad. I couldn’t believe he was interested in it, but I’m never one to say no to an educational moment at Disney! Hopefully he loves it and I can convince him to go with me on Keys to the Kingdom one day.


Thanks for the review! We have it booked in just about 2 weeks and I’m sooooo excited!


Allison was our guide when we did this in October! She was awesome!

I was a little worried when I realized my kids were the only children in the group but they loved this tour. Granted, they have an above-average level of interest in vegetables but I was surprised by just how engaged they were. Getting to wave to the boats going past was a fun bonus.

We did a Garden Grill lunch right after and it was just the loveliest afternoon.


Great review! This looks like an amazing tour.

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Thanks for the review. I’ve been wanting to do this.

Question…I’m really interested in booking this tour. Does it cut much time out of an EP day? Would we be crunched for time and miss other things?
We have 2 days planned for EP, but still want to make the most of rides and WS.

It’s only an hour, and we got plenty of stuff done before and after.


We’re doing this in January, I’m really excited for it!