Behind the seeds tour question

How often do they run the Behind the Seeds tour? Should I just schedule it into my plan and hope for the best? Should I make a reservation? Do they run at certain times, like every hour?

It’s run at about 45 minute intervals, and is easy to walk up to the day of and get a reservation. Dust don’t wait until 10 minutes before the tour you want to take.

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MouseGirl has it right - every 45 minutes starting at 10:30 thru 4:30.

When we did it, I just walked up day of and booked it when we were doing Soarin’ - fair amount of availability although that was early December. My understanding is it is fairly easy to book day of - obviously earlier gives you more flexibility on picking which tour time you want…


And should we do Living with the Land first or second?

I’ve done Behind the Seeds twice and didn’t feel the need to do LwtL on either occasion, but if I were going to do them both, I think I would do LwtL first, and think of BTS as a more-indepth exploration.

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And I think there is a discount with the Disney Visa.

There definitely is. I’ve used it both times I’ve done the tour.

My memory says 15%.

Just looked it up and you are correct, 15%.

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Alas, that’s great for those of you who have an American address and can get a Disney Visa. It’s not available in any other country. I wish it was, though. There’d be a market for it, for sure.

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