Before Thanksgiving or After for 2020?

I can’t decide between the week before Thanksgiving or the week after for our next trip. Does anyone have experience either way and an opinion about it? I’ll have a 7 year old and 4 year old twins, so I’m leaning toward the lowest crowd days, but I can’t seem to make a decision. I’ll be trying to rent DVC points so switching down the road would not be an option. TIA!

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If you can wait until December 1-14 that’s the best time. It’ll be the cheapest for points as well. It’s a difficult time to score points though (because all the DVC’ers want to go then also), so I recommend having no opinion on what hotel you want to stay at so that you can secure a reservation at exactly 11 months out.


Week after!! Crowds die down so so SO much.

And then on December 20th it starts to get really bananas again!


I was there 11/11 - 11/21 and though the parks were decorated, the resorts I stopped in to visit had few decorations. If that is important, I would recommend after Thanksgiving, as well.

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It’s been a few years, but we went in early December and loved it. The crowds are not too bad, but the decorations are all up. Highly recommend. We had one in homeschool then, and had to take the other kids out of regular school a little bit early, but it was worth it that one time.

Although we had a wonderful visit this past May, if I could pick any time of the year the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas would definitely be the one. You may find a few things closed (KRR, a few food places, & generally shorter hours) but the atmosphere more than makes up for it.

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Do both!

Personally I would go after. If there is such a thing as a lull anymore, that spot between Thanksgiving and Christmas would be it.


i went the week after thanksgiving last year. crowd-wise, it was very manageable. be ready for the possibility of all types of weather. we experienced hot and humid days and such a large drop in temperatures that we needed knit caps for a couple of days (and not just in the evenings). you also can’t beat the holiday decorations that time of year!

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That’s s great point, thanks for mentioning! We would like to see them decorated, I just assumed everything would be up by then.

I didn’t realize that was a more popular time for DVC. I am relatively open but we need a a 2 bedroom and I was hoping for Animal Kingdom, mostly from a cost perspective. Thanks for letting me know!

Awesome, thanks!

I was there the week before Thanksgiving this year (11/19-11/24). The crowds were great, as no one was there, but crowd level did build each day where it was super crowded on Saturday the 23rd. I must say, that the Christmas decorations were out, but it was not full on holiday feel yet. Wine and Food was still going on so Epcot did not play Xmas music yet. Toy Story and Star Wars lands don’t play holiday music either, so really only got the full holiday feel while at AK and MK.

I went 2 years in a row the week after Thanksgiving in 2015 and 2016. I loved these weeks as holidays were in full swing and just totally put you in the mood. I’ve heard crowds have gotten more those weeks now, but were not a problem back a few years ago.

Weather is great both times, highs in the days between 70 and 80, with lows falling in the upper 50’s. Obviously, you could hit a cold stretch but in the 3 years I’ve been there, it’s been absolutely gorgeous each time.

Depends if you want Food and Wine Festival or Festival of the Holidays at Epcot. Otherwise, not too much difference.