Been a while....thought it would be a break year...but is it? Uber from Orlando to Ft. Myers?

After 5 trips to Orlando in the past 5 years I was planning to take a break this year…but DD and DW have been set on convincing me to take them back for the 50th.

Well we did agree that it would be a beach trip this year so we are going to Ft. Myers in July. In the back of my mind I was thinking about a possible short trip in Dec if school schedules aligned. Well with the cost of air, I just can’t bring myself to 2 flights this year for 4…but a crazy idea came to me today…what if we just go down a few days early, let the girls get in their 50th fix and then chill on the beach.

Well everything on the plan was coming together. Switching the outbound flight to Orlando vs Ft. Myers…no problem, same price.

Priced out tickets and possible places to stay, not bad…

Then I went to check on what it would be to change my rental car…HOLY COW! $550 for the week in Ft. Myers…became $1500…looked at many options and just can’t find one that makes sense to give up what is a great rate at this point.

So to plan B…normally we don’t get a car for Disney and we don’t need one. We can Uber to and from and use Disney transportation while we are there. So I am thinking maybe we just bite the bullet and take an Uber from Orlando to Ft. Myers.

I have never taken an Uber near that far. Anyone with any experience here? How difficult will it be to secure an Uber X for this far? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I think you can get an estimated cost direct from Uber.

I also tried this site and got estimates for various levels. Looks like $250 for an XL.

Also there seems to be a train, but just one service a day leaving at around 10am and taking 6 hrs.

Thanks, i saw the price estimate, was more wondering is getting an Uber Driver to travel that far is an issue? Again, just never tried to get one for that far.

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I don’t know how long it would take. And yes, that thought did cross my mind.

Personally I’d look into the train option.

There is no passenger rail service in Ft. Myers. You will get a Greyhound bus ticket to Tampa and then Amtrak to Orlando.

You aren’t going to find a ride share driver to take this fare. Without traffic the trip is three hours one way, so any driver would be tying up six working hours on one fare. Even though ride share doesn’t have the same demand in Ft. Myers as Orlando, it wouldn’t be difficult to collect the same in local fares as a one-way trip to Orlando in the same time, while using much less in fuel. Plus the return trip would be on his or her own dime.

Is this based on experience or just an educated guess. I understand the time involved, but i do know Uber allows you to set up to pick up rides in the direction home, so chances are, some of the way back would not be on their own…

Just trying to gauge how possible or not it is, cause i do see the concern you brought up.

If semi-seriously asking a driver about it while getting a ride to a local destination counts as “experience,” then yes, from experience.

It’s also not a trip I can imagine anyone paying $250 for unless it was some kind of life or death emergency.

Thanks. That definitely adds perspective.

I will say, id have no issue with the 250 given the alternative increase in my rental car to change it. My concern isnt the money, its weather we will have a way to Ft. Myers or not.

I’ve had multiple drivers refuse to take me to the airport in busy cities during rush hour before bc it wasn’t worth it to them. I cannot imagine someone willingly taking a fare 3 hours out of town with 0 chance of making any money on the 3 hour return drive home. I think you would do better trying to arrange with an actual transit company of some sort vs luck of the draw Uber. And just so you know, the Uber driver doesn’t see the destination until they pick you up. I have literally been left at the curb on more than one occasion bc they pull up, see the destination and cancel.


A quick Google search had results for companies like Florida Shuttle. It looked like it had potential for your needs, but I did not take time to get a quote. They can do shared or private. The private one can do door-to-door on your own schedule, it seemed.

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I will check them out…been googling for 2 days, but have not come across them. Other private transport seem to want 500+ but that is luxery services. Ill see what this one comes in at. Thanks

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Did not know they didnt see a destination until they pick up…wow…thats rough.

I did read a suggestion today to call the driver as soon as they accept to make sure they are good with it…i understand why now.

Looking more and morw like my best route is going to be just a 1 day rental. Have not found a location to allow the other drop off except the airport…so 50 uber there and 100 - 150 for the car plus gas…ugh, this add on is getting pricey, should have stuck to my no, lol

You could always take the Mears service to MCO for $16 to pick up the rental car, then swing back to the hotel to pick up the family.


I have no idea what to expect for shuttle pricing, from city to city. Florida has so many major cities in close proximity for cruising, touring, beaches, and spending the winter there. People often fly into one city and then cruise out of another, or do multiple cruises that don’t all use the same port. Commercial shuttles are common in FL.

We’ve done one-way rentals, for flying into Orlando for a few days of the mouse, then sailing out of Miami. One-ways are usually extra money, but cost depends on the local situation.

For your situation with four people, it might be cheaper to rent a car instead of doing a shuttle (where cost is per person). Good luck!

Thanks. I think that is what we have landed on. There is a budget rental counter in the doubletree by Springs. I can uber over there and pick up a car and pick up the fam and go. 1 day rental around 125…so still under what an uber or other hired car would be.


Ah, I didn’t realise that.