# bedroom suite

I have booked a 3 bedroom suite at the Disneyland Hotel for next summer. It seems to be a better deal than booking 3 rooms. Plus we will all have a place to visit when not in the park. My question is how many refrigerators are in the suite. I was thinking one for each bedroom but I can not find the answer any where. Thanks.

I would be surprised if there was a fridge in each bedroom. I would just call and ask. They should be able to tell you that in detail.

I had a 3 bedroom suite at the Disneyland Hotel 2 years ago and this is what I remember about the accommodations:
Room 1 was the 1 bedroom suite with very spacious living area, separate bedroom. “Kitchen” area was a breakfast bar with bar sink, mini fridge and microwave. There is a powder room in addition to the master bathroom.
Room 2 was a standard hotel room entered through a connecting door in the living area or through door from hallway. Had standard ammenities.
Room 3 was a connecting room entered through Room 2 (or hallway). Again, ammenities will be whatever are listed as standard.
Although we loved the suite, I was disappointed to discover that we had to walk through Room 2 to reach Room 3. If I had really thought about it I should not have been surprised that they could be rented as 3 separate rooms. You can lock doors between the rooms and use the hallway doors to enter and exit if necessary.
Also, we had a great deal of confusion initially because we were not told all 3 room numbers and needed to enter all of the rooms from the hallway first to open up the interior doors. It was a slight delay with 2 trips back to the front desk but overall we loved the space and it was well worth the money for our family.

Thanks for the response. I have called twice and gotten 2 different answers on the mini fridge. That is good to know about all 3 rooms entering. Thanks I am sure you saved us a trip or two back to the front desk.

Wow, that’s not what I’d call a 3BR suite, more like three rooms with connecting doors. Not the same experience at all.