Bedding abbreviations in drop-down menus

For our hotel room views, I’m looking for a way to include the kinds of beds in each room along with Disney’s category.

For example, the Contemporary’s “Main Tower - Theme Park View” category has two bed options:

  1. 1 King Bed and 1 Day Bed
  2. 2 Queen Beds and 1 Day Bed

So I’d like to display those as:

“Main Tower - Theme Park View / 1 King Bed + 1 Day Bed”
“Main Tower - Theme Park View / 2 Queen Beds + 1 Day Bed”

An issue pops up with very long view categories, where the text display needs to be abbreviated.

If I said this:

“Main Tower - Theme Park View / 1 King + 1 Daybd”
“Main Tower - Theme Park View / 2 Q + 1 Daybed”

…do you think “2Q + 1 Daybed” is sufficiently clear that everyone understands what it means?

I’d prefer the room view name not to change, since we’re trying to match Disney’s text on that exactly.


I would assume so


You could have a list of abbreviations on a clickable link that people could use to check.


I would also be ok with: 1Q + 1Day but maybe that is too much for some?


Yes definitely.

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Related: Is there a good way to abbreviate “Optional Communications Features” in a way that’s understandable? There may not be.

I’m guessing that means the Alexa thingie?

But, as someone who is very in-tune with what is going on at Disney, if I am guessing at what that means, the average person is going to have no idea.

I might save that for a future enhancement, when/if it becomes more widespread and mainstream at many/most/all resorts.


I don’t even know what that means unabbreviated.


This made me think of the augmented hearing assessable rooms? Is it something different?

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I’m with @LTinNC82 - I need the extended deluxe bonus disc LP version for understanding, not an abbreviation :thinking::thinking::grimacing::grimacing::laughing: