Bed rails

Sorry to be negative, everyone, but throwing this out there because I haven’t seen many references to the bed rails WDW offers, as a heads up to others who may be planning on using one. Will also give feedback directly to Disney. We requested a bed rail for my almost-3 y.o. First, they didn’t have one in our (original) room despite my calling a week ahead to make sure it was on our reservation. When it arrived, it was pitiful. Cheap plastic, looked about 15 years old and not sturdy AT ALL. Had to extend it all the way up to have it above the mattress, and if anyone barely touched it it would slide back down. I made do by putting the two room chairs between the two beds so the sides of the chair backs supported the rail, and stuffing extra pillows between the rail and the mattress since there was a gap. This was the one area where I felt Disney really dropped the ball on our trip. I do appreciate that they offer something, but for as much use as these likely get, and the liability of having kids fall out of the new taller beds, Disney could invest in some quality bed rails.


Good to know! We have some requested for our upcoming trip to WL for our 3yo as well, and we will be arriving a bit before bedtime. Which resort were you at?

We were at Pop.

I’m so sorry you had this experience! We had the opposite. We requested two and they were high quality plastic bed rails at Saratoga Springs resort. They worked great for my DS4.

Disney does have a policy of not putting “extras” (Pack and Plays and Bed rails) in the room prior to you being in the room. We have encountered that with other hotels as well. I think they want to make sure you actually end up in that room before they put it there. I do usually warn people to not expect these things to be waiting for you.

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We used rails at AoA last year and they worked fine. Definitely had to adjust some some to sturdy it up but totally worked.

Maybe I should have called again to ask for a different one then. Good to know some have had good experiences!

Slightly non-related - we found out the hard way that you need to reserve them in advance on the Disney Cruise. Forums kept telling people that they have plenty on board and they just need to request them when they get there, but they do run out. We had to do the make shift bed rail thing with suitcases and chairs for our 5 day cruise. Our stateroom attendant told us we should have requested in advance.