Beauty and the Beast Sing-A-Long France - EPCOT

Using my husband’s account (who was so bored he fell asleep)…

We were pretty excited about being at EPCOT on opening day of the new Beauty and the Beast Sing-A-Long in France. And the theater was rather large so it was pretty easy to get a seat for families.


I learned that no one really knows the words to Beauty and the Beast songs- EVEN WITH THEM ON THE SCREEN. It is a great movie but not one person actually wants to SING! So what happens is that the kids - who want to sing- can’t because they can’t read. And then you are just sitting in a room with a bunch of parents that are forced to sing when their kids look at them but in the end keep forgetting they are supposed to sing.
OR even worse, you are sitting next to that mom that is REALLY into singing (right in your ear)!

Also, the animation was only just ok.
Also, I’m usually easily entertained, so I think it was just that the show wasn’t that good.

We didn’t see Impressiones de France, but I think they should have more showtimes of that one than just 7:30 PM till park closing.

So not impressed with this show.

BUT you do get to sit down and that part is great!


Funny, I really liked this show. It seemed the shows I saw there were plenty of people singing. I liked the re-imagining of the story told as Le Few point of few, and the comedy he brought to the show.

Not that Tom Bricker is the end-all for good advice on Disney, but his opinions of the new Canada film and the new Beauty and the Beast film match mine in this case.

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