Beaches & Cream window menu

Anyone know if I can get the No Way Jose at the Beaches & Cream window, or just inside at the table service? Or if anyone can provide the whole window menu? Thanks!

Here is a story with links to menus

You can get one at the window for sure. Did that last trip

Thank you for this, I do not know how I have not seen this before! I have an ADR so we can get dessert, but everything we’ll get is offered on the “to go” menu apparently so no need for the ADR! That frees up my Epcot planning!! :smile:

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If ordering off the To Go menu, is there also a seating area with tables nearby?

Yes! Several tables outside and right by the window. Not to mention all the seating on the Boardwalk and in the resorts.

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I looked in every time we were going to SAB and saw lots of seats open at the counter and almost stopped one day until we found SAB closed due to “sanitary issues”

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Here’s the Beaches and Cream To Go menu, from this weekend.