Beaches & Cream Review Sept 2021

It is good, and fun … but not great.
On our most recent trip, just this week, it was very loud. I left with a headache.

Two reasons why I think this place is good, but over-rated:

  1. the food is good. not great. The grilled chicken is extremely similar to the Chik-fil-A grilled chicken club. It would be tough to say that its any better at B&C, compared to the Chik-fil-A version. Burgers are good, but there’s several good burgers around. Fries, onion rings, and tots are … meh.

  2. the ice cream. If you leave B&C and walk 7 minutes to the Boardwalk Ice Cream parlor (or take the friendship boat for fun) … you can get the exact same menu items, and cheaper.

B&C Brownie A la mode 9.00
BW Brownie A la mode 6.99

B&C No way Jose’ 11.00
BW Thunder Surf 7.49

B&C 2 scoop Sundae 8.00
BW 2 scoop Sundae 5.99

Of course at B&C you can get the Kitchen Sink sundae ($35).
For $35 you can get FOUR or FIVE sundaes over at the BW, and have more ice cream.


I agree. We were nonplussed the last time we ate at B&C. It’s a pass for out family….


This is excellent news.

… goes to check plans to see if there is time to visit the Boardwalk Ice Cream Parlor.


Our family agrees w/ all of this… fair but not great food.


We’ve done it twice and been unimpressed both times. I live in the land of great diners, and their food is not it. Also, the ice cream is decent, but it’s supermarket Edy’s (Dreyers if you’re west of the Mississippi) ice cream. And it’s painfully slow.
It’s totally not worth the hassle of getting an ADR, especially if you’re not staying at BC.


The kitchen sink is fun though.


The biggest thing that struck me was how meh the makeover was. The old decor was way more fun. I’m not saying I HATE the new decor… but I’m not NOT saying it, either.


This was one of the biggest problems we had the last time we were there…

It was 2:00 in the afternoon, the place was not full, and we spent almost 90 minutes for 3 burgers and a grilled cheese (with dessert) SOOOO slow.

On the plus side, our server was great - but come on with the speed!!!


Oh, really? I haven’t been to B&C, but I’m actually not a huge fan of Edy’s ice cream. I mean it is fine if you add a bunch of stuff to it. But as ice cream goes, there are far better options in the freezer section.

Having said that…I mean, I always buy myself a Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich when I’m in MK as a snack, and truthfully, it isn’t all that great either. So, when you are in the mood for something cold and sweet, palates tend to grow less discerning! :slight_smile:

This is honestly the only reason I’d go out of my way for B&C, just for that experience. If we were staying at BC/YC, maybe for convenience. We’ve been twice and gotten the kitchen sink (regular and chocolate) but saw no compelling reason to eat a meal there. Personally, I wouldn’t go back unless it was something my travel party wanted to do.




I absolutely loved the décor. The place was so relaxed and reminded me of the 1970s. The servers were friendly and accommodating and brought me exactly what I requested. I literally sat there and had only ice cream. I didn’t regret making an advance reservation to do just that. Would definitely go back.

It was nice years ago before reservations and it was much cheaper. I think I would pass on it now.

I will give Boardwalk a shot on my next trip.

We never go to B&C for the meal…it’s a soda shop. We go for the atmosphere, the ice cream and the proximity to EPCOT.

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