Beaches and cream window

Hi all,
My family of 6 is staying one night at the beach club in February. It will be the last night of our stay, and our first time staying at the beach club. We definitely want sundaes at beaches and cream but I’ve been unable to get a reservation. I know there is a walk up window for ice cream but I’ve read that this not for sundaes, that for sundaes you will need to eat inside with a reservation. This can’t possibly be right can it? I should be able to walk up to the window and get ice cream sundaes right? I’m not looking for the kitchen sink…I’ve got my eyes on the no way Jose :laughing:
Please tell me I’ll be able to get it without a reservation!

You can get sundaes, not the kitchen sink. But the ice cream is better at Ample Hills. I don’t think they do sundaes though.

I believe this is the to go menu

They see Eddy’s Ice Cream. It is available in many supermarkets. Ample Hill and the Ice Cream shop in France in Epcot has much better ice cream. You may also want to look at The Fountain at the Dolphin