Beaches and cream party size

So we have been trying to get a reservation here at the end of June for a while for our party of 5 (2 adults, 13, 7, 7). Today we were able to get one but for a party of 4.
Does anyone know will this restaurant let all 5 of us sit if one of the littles sit on our lap? We only want to get the kitchen sink and we’re hoping no one has to sit this one out.
Of course we will keep trying for 5 in the meantime but just wondering if anyone has any experience here in case we don’t get so lucky. Thanks!

My sister added her nanny to our group last summer (took us from 8 to 9) at the very last minute and we had zero problems with any of our ADRs accommodating her, though we did have to wait a bit longer a couple of times. When I called in a slight panic the CM told me that there are a few very small locations (like CRT) that may not be able to do it, but mostly it should be fine, though it would always be “at the discretion of the manager on duty”.

Mostly they just squeezed some of the kids’ (3,6,8,9,10) chairs together, or gave us booths that allowed us to squeeze them. Sometimes they’d add an extra chair at the end, if it was a roomier place.

Thank you so much for your input. I think we will just go and ask, and if it’s a no I will just let hubby and kids go in and get relax time to myself!

Sounds like a good plan!