Beach/Yacht Club brunch/lunch help please

We (family of 4 with 9-year old twins) are staying at Beach Club, and on our check out day, I was hoping for a little morning pool time then brunch/lunch before heading off to the airport. Would ideally like to sit for a final relaxing meal before heading out. It looks like Ale & Compass or Beaches and Cream would be our only table service options for an 11/1130am brunch/lunch (which I realize will really be lunch even though it’s a Sunday). We will have already eaten at B&C. Recommendations? Advice? Am I missing something? Thanks!!!

Cape May.

From what I can tell, it looks like Cape May only does breakfast and dinner. And breakfast (a character one that I don’t necessarily want to pony up for) ends at 11am.

Ale & Compass or Cape May Cafe. B&C is fun but I wouldn’t call it relaxing…

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When’s your stay? B&C is closing over the summer for an expansion.

Cape May is not open at lunch.

There are some good places at the Swan and Dolphin too I believe. But Ale and Compass would be my first choice.

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Last week of August. When is B&C refurbishing? Oof.

Boardwalk has Trattoria. You could do a late breakfast.


It starts in August, I think about 6th or 7th.


“Oh oh hazel nuts.
Cadbury’s take ‘em and they cover them in chocolate!”

Sorry, an old advert in the U.K. some people will get it…! :wink:

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We really liked Ale and Compass last year for lunch on our resort day. Nothing too heavy and very relaxing.

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OK, thanks everyone! ADR day is tomorrow. Will plan on Ale & Compass for the Sunday departure day. (And will scratch B&C off the planning list. :slightly_frowning_face:)

Did you consider the other Boardwalk area restaurants?
Trattoria al Forno, Flying fish, etc…

We usually do the last breakfast ADR (11:00) at Cape May. Nice and quiet with plenty of time for the characters, and a good selection of food. If you’d rather not do a character meal, don’t forget that there are a few lunch options at the Swan and Dolphin as well (Garden Grove, Fresh, Fountain, Picabu) edited: I just realized @Nickysyme already mentioned this. It’s really not much further than the Boardwalk. :slight_smile:

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