Beach or Yacht Club/Wilderness Cabin or Port Orleans Riverside

Now that 2020 prices have been posted I’ve been having a blast researching all of the options. I have spent nearly all day on Touring Plans reading about all of the resorts that might work for us. Good thing I’m a teacher and on summer vacation :grinning:

I think we will do a split stay for our June trip of 9 nights and we have narrowed it down to Beach or Yacht Club and Cabin or Riverside. We are a party of 5: Me (50), DD (14), Mom (75), Sister (47), Niece (11). I’ve stayed at the French Quarter twice and Riverside once. The cabins sound intriguing but the lackluster pool and transportation situation are causing me to question that choice. Also, I was looking at DVC points for a Beach Club Villa, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra expense. Perhaps the standard Disney rack room is a better choice there?

I’m beyond excited and hope that you will weigh in with your opinions and experiences to help us make a choice. I should also mention that we looked at AoA, but my mom wasn’t thrilled with that resort.

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Beach and Yacht are so close they are nearly one and the same. The big difference people always talk about is the presence or absence of kids. The overwhelming opinion is that Beach is for families and Yacht is for couples/grownups. This is self-imposed, obviously. But it’s what people talk about.

As to the Cabin vs Riverside - you are talking massive apples and oranges here. The cabins come at no small cost - they are among the most expensive “rooms” on property for sure. If you can swing it, it is without question the way to go. There is nothing lackluster about it. Whereas squeezing 5 adult-sized people (even if they are not adult age) into a hotel room sounds anything but delightful. This is a no-brainer.

As to the villa vs hotel room, I would go villa for the same reason. If you can rent points, so much the better, but the cost difference between two rooms and a villa will be negligible.


Thanks! The Cabin is about $100 more per night than the room at Riverside and I do like the idea of more square footage. I’ve ready some negative reviews due to transportation and a boring pool. I think it said it was just a concrete hole in the ground. Wherever we are, the girls will want to use use the pool daily.

I was set on the Beach Club villa, but then I saw where they are on the map and I started to question the value. I should clarify, we won’t be getting two rooms here. A little family togetherness!

Wow. I haven’t priced out a Riverside room, but if you can get that close in price to a room at Cabins - well, Riverside has gotten crazy!

The pool is not “a concrete hole in the ground.” Oy, some people are so prone to hyperbole! You’ll love it at Copper Creek!

Go for the cabins. Over the course of your trip it’s a drop in the bucket, really.

We had the same type of choice for our trip (5 people, adult sized) and we ultimately went with a 1 bedroom villa at Animal Kingdom - Kidani because of the two bathroom set up. I tried to imagine 2 adults & 3 teenagers trying to stay in a room with only 1 bathroom for 8 days and I immediately upped the budget for our on-site stay.

The Kidani 1 bedrooms have 2 full bathrooms, plus kitchen and laundry. As well as access to two very nice, well themed pools. Just another option to think about.

For a while, we did look into getting 2 standard rooms at POFQ…so depending on what your budget is - that is another option to look into.

I was surprised by how close in price the cabins and Riverside are. They are both listed as moderate resorts. I’ll need to look at the map as I didn’t realize they are part of Copper Creek. I know they’re mixed in with the campsites. Is that considered Copper Creek? Clearly I have a lot more research to do!

OK, I think we’re talking about different cabins. Looks like there are cabins near the Wilderness Lodge and also as part of the Fort Wilderness Resort. The Copper Creek cabins are fantastic! Unfortunately, they’re not within our budget.


That makes way more sense!!!

BCV is the closest hotel to Epcot and super close to the BC market. Heat concerned you about the location?

I should note - I’m not sure you could fit 5 adults in a one bedroom though.

The primary reason I’m interested in Beach or Yacht Club is Stormalong bay and the villas looks like they’re quite a distance from the pool. Being close to Epcot is a plus. I didn’t know about BC market. How far are they from the lobby?