Beach Club water view/adjoining rooms/balconies?

We booked two water view rooms at the beach club resort and requested adjoining/connecting rooms if at all possible. Then I noticed in the touring plans beach club resort section they note which water view rooms have the best view and full balconies. Does anyone out there know if any of the water view/full balcony rooms are adjoining rooms? Even if it means our water view is a less desirable water view, I think we would prefer adjoining rooms with the potential for a full balcony. Thanks.

Sorry I dont know but adjoining rooms are only next to each other and you can pretty much be guaranteed that but you need to specify connecting rooms for a connecting door. If you have more children than adults in your party total you will be prioritised for connecting rooms over those with same as or less children than adults but they will not guarantee it

Thanks, I hadn’t even considered that adjoining rooms and connecting rooms weren’t the same. Such a big learning curve for planning a first Disney World trip!

Did you mean to say “more children than adults” will be prioritized for connecting rooms? We have 2 adults and 1 child in each room and thought it would be nice for the kids to be able to go back and forth. I guess we won’t be high on the connecting rooms priority but if we have rooms close by that aren’t connecting it would hopefully still be good enough. We don’t really care about the water view but for the discount pricing that was the only room available for our dates. Thanks again!

Sorry yes more children than adults oops. If its 2 separate reservations to make sure you rooms are def adjoining ( next to each other) make sure that wdw link the 2 reservations on their booking system by phoning them.