Beach Club Villas Refurb

Any liners in the World now or recently that can report on the Beach Club Villa refurb project? Will be there mid August and trying to determine our chances of getting a renovated 1br villa. Thanks!

I know this is an old post, but I can’t believe they haven’t started the BCV refurb yet. Way overdue!

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Does anyone know when they will refurbish the BC Villas? Weren’t they supposed to be done by now?
We just booked a 2BR Villa for September, so curious to know if anything will happen by then?
I read somewhere that they might just be doing a soft goods refurbishment instead of a complete one like planned?
So no floors etc, just curtains, beadspreads and other linens.

beach club letter.pdf (89.4 KB)

This is the letter we received for our stay in January.

It’s pretty vague but it confirms that refurb will be underway.

We’ve stayed at resorts during refurbs before. POFQ was having a full refurb when we stayed there and I have to say, although we saw the goods and the workers, they were so efficient and as unobtrusive as possible. They work when most people are out for the day and in small sections at a time.

Since you’re not going til September, I think you have a good chance of getting a refurbed villa.

Just saw on that this will be soft goods and is scheduled to go through August.

What does soft goods mean exactly? Beds? Sofas? Anyone know?

From the Allears site: “Soft goods typically consist of design materials including bedding, wall, window and floor coverings and upholstery”.

Guess I’ll just have to wait and see! Thanks for all your help!

From TP site:

Don’t know if I’m breaking any rules with this link (to the worst imaginable place…), but I’m just so excited so see some pictures of the newly renovated BCV rooms!
Here they are if anyone’s interested!

I miss some of the “Disney-feel” , but all in all I really like it!
Looks clean and bright and delicate! Hope I get a new room in late September!

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These seem to be old pictures. Any idea when pictures of the newly refurbished rooms will be posted?

We can tag @len and when he gets a chance he usually answers!

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Bunch of pic on Also a video.

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The Dumbo Murphy beds are so cute!

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Yes, they are! This looks like a really great refurb. We’ll be there in January so I’m really looking forward to it. The original refurb schedule would have had it done about a year sooner so it wasn’t like this at our last stay.

Follow up:

The Beach Club studio villas are similar to the Boardwalk. Sleep 5. Pull down bed in the entertainment center with Donald Duck beach themeing.

Except for the fact that we had a 4 cup coffee maker at the BCV, we preferred this room to the BWV studio.