Beach Club Villas or Boardwalk villas

Anyone stay at either or both and what is your preference. I know the pool is superior and Beach Club, but that’s not a huge deal for me

I love them both. BWV is closer to the action on boardwalk. The rooms are compatible. The pool at BC is the selling point, as Stormalong bay is considered the premium pool in all of WDW.

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One complaint i hear often about BWV is that the hallways are wicked long and it takes forever to walk to your room.

Otherwise I think it’s simply a matter of preference for atmosphere and view.

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To be fair, the hallways at BCV can be pretty brutal too, if you’re at the end of the building like we were last trip.

If SAB is not a factor I’d probably go with BWV. It’s still very close to Epcot, and a fair bit closer to HS. Accommodation wise they’re both so similar after the refurbs that I don’t think that really factors into it.

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I’m sure that’s correct. I think it can be true of almost any resort, really. I just hear it about BWV quite commonly

Oh, I know - I’ve moaned about the BWV hallways myself a few times. Although I think the Kidani hallways are getting even less love than BWV…! :joy:

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Yeah Kidani is the other big one LOL

Thanks. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get one or the other for next October - didn’t try last year. I know it’s FOOD and WHIIIIINE

I prefer BC over BWV mainly because of the pool. I’m actually pretty annoyed that a friend of mine said they wanted to go on vacation with us, so we rented BWV because that is their favorite and now they are backing out of the trip and I’m stuck - when I could have had BC!

But usually I really just go for whichever is cheaper.

:roll_eyes:that is annoying

When are you wanting to go? We’re nearly at the end of November, so October is already bookable. And both these resorts will be booked up pretty soon, if not already.

End of October/early November. Yes I have my request in with DVC rental store…just hoping we find a match…no huge deal as I have a standard room at Beach Club for that same time…however SAVING MONEY is a big deal. So if I can’t get either, I may try some of the other villas that are not quite as popular. Really want to be in the Epcot Resort area though

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And actually I asked to book the first one available…if at all. One can hope

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We’ve stayed at both resorts several times during F&WF and have never had a problem booking 7 months out (sometimes less). :slight_smile:

this will depend on room type and length of stay.

we have 1 trip each year that is 8 or 9 nights and we haven’t been able to book BCV for the whole trip at 7 months, so we have done split stays.

one year we stayed 4 nights BWV and 4 nights BCV

We even walked our own luggage over! :roll_eyes:

Absolutely. We stay for a week in a 1BR (usually do a split stay with a week each in two resorts). I know Studios book up a lot faster than 1BR. I was just saying that the OP should be fine at the 11 month mark.


yea. thanks. looking at pool/garden studio at bwv which seems to be more available than standard. of course only standard at bcv for studio, but even 1br still cheaper than bc hotel at disney prices. like I said, I have a discounted room at bc hotel, but hoping for either villa. we shall see

I can attest to the long hallways at BW. We had a long walk back and forth every day, but my room request is to be as far from the elevator as possible! Not only is it usually quieter but the more steps I walk , the more I can eat,

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So alas, I was not able to get studio at BWV or BCV and decided I was not going to spend extra for a 1 BR (which I could have gotten) so settled on BLT studio (yes I know they are the smallest) But I’m pretty happy