Beach Club Specifics

  1. Can any one tell me with a fair amount of certainty, how big are the refrigerators in the rooms for the beach club? Are we talking just a small beverage fridge below 3 cubic feet- like you are only going to fit a gallon of milk in there fridge?

  2. Hows the ferry over to HS from the beach club? crowded? How often does it run over there, where does it stop, and is it a good idea to ride it after HS closes?

  3. So you have to rent the tubes for the lazy river huh? Can I bring a pool noodle? Whats floatation devices are allowed?

The lazy river has inner tubes.

The regular rooms small refrigerator.

  1. I don’t know how big 3 cu feet are, but we could fit a 2 litre jug of milk, bunches of grapes, cans of pop, several bottles of water. I think 2 or 3 small shelves 5’ high or so, and lots of space for beverages in the door.
  2. Not too crowded, takes a lot of people, runs about every 20 min, stops at Swalphin then carries on the HS. Yes, we’ve taken it back from HS at close a couple times with no problems, we got on the first boat but if you timed it badly you might have to wait for a second boat.
  3. There are tubes there, no need to rent. I’m pretty sure than any opaque flotation device (air mattress etc) isn’t permitted due to visibility concerns, Pool noodles are fine.

Ha! Ha! I’ve never seen that before!:laughing:


In the lazy river of the pool there are single and double flotation “donuts” that are free to use. Also some noodles around.

On the boat to HS, it is very rare to not get on the first boat.z

If you are up to it, the walk back along the river at night is lovely.

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I just came back from there for a stay over Memorial Day weekend. The fridge is a mini-fridge and will easily hold a 1/2 gallon bottle of milk. There are shelves in the door specifically for holding cans. We were able to put mini wine bottles and 16oz watter bottles on the main shelves. There is no freezer.

We did not take the boat to HS. We walked. It’s a good 10 minute walk, at least, depending on your speed.

Tubes in the pool are free, but there are very few. You may have to wait for someone to be done with one and grab it. It’s a GREAT pool! Sand on the bottom in some spots, and a sandy/beach area too!

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This was extremely helpful. Thank you.

Re: the lazy river - got a great tip from one of the lifeguards to have my daughter use one of the life jackets they have available, instead of one of the tubes -at 8 years old, she didn’t fit really well in the tube (or just couldn’t get comfortable), but she loved it with the life jacket.

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