Beach Club room with daybed?

Anyone know which rooms have daybeds?

I thought all of the standard rooms had day beds! We stayed at beach club last year (standard room) and we had a great couch that could turn into a day bed.

Nope. We stayed at the BC last summer and there was no daybed/couch.

We were there in February and didn’t have a daybed in our room. Luckily, we didn’t need it. Also, make sure to request a room near the elevator…we had an unbelievably long walk to our room.

Last few stays we’ve had 2 queen + pulldown bed, but I also noticed recently it was listed on the room details when I reserved, so perhaps there are some rooms that are listed w/out the single bed?

When we stayed there, for our first onsite stay, we wanted one. We had our TA note it on the booking and didn’t make any other request.

If you have 5 people in the room you will get a room with a day bed (or should, occasionally there’s a mix up but they’ll put that right).

If you have 4 people in the room, I would call that request in for sure, and make it your only request.