Beach Club Resort Breakfast?

Dear All

We’re staying at the Beach Club Resort in a couple of weeks. What’s the best option for casual breakfast?

I’ve booked one morning at Cape May for a character breakfast but I’m struggling to see a casual option for the rest of the stay. What’s your experience and preferences?

Thank you

I’ve gone down to the Beach Club Marketplace to pick up a quick breakfast to eat in the room. It’s very basic. I’ve also walked over to Epcot from BC, and rope-dropped the International Gateway for breakfast at Les Halles in France. It’s one of my favorite solo trip things to do. It’s not a good choice if you want to feed your family before doing attractions at rope drop, but it sure is nice.


Options for casual breakfast at BC/YC are not great. Marketplace in BC does basic breakfasts (yoghurt, cereal, egg and ham platter). Other alternative is to walk over to Boardwalk Bakery - about 20 mins there and back. We usually just grab some fruit at marketplace and then have snack in park around 10:30ish (but we aren’t big breakfast people)

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SallyEppcot, how do you get into Les Halles before rope drop? We want to go there for breakfast too when we stay at BC in June, but assume we’ll have to wait until after 9 when the park opens.

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Oh, sorry if I was unclear. You can’t get there until Epcot opens. I meant that I’ve waited at the International Gateway for rope drop, and then went to Les Halles instead of rushing to Soarin’ or Frozen.