Beach Club Marketplace - anyone staying there soon?

There has to be someone here who can help.

I’ve already reached out to Disney Special diets and they sent me a list of locations that is from 2015. UGH!

I need to know if the Beach Club Marketplace sells Silk brand dairy free milk, or some other dairy free milk alternative.

Can you define “soon”? We’ll be staying there in mid-July and I’d be happy to check for you then, but my guess is that’s not soon enough, although on the DIS planning pantheon a little over a 100 days may in fact be soon depending…

i won’t be there until oct :slight_smile: thank you!

it’s our first deluxe Disney stay. DH says it’s our last Disney trip for awhile. 3 times for him since Dec 2015, and he wants to experience other things. 4th time for me since Dec 2015. i could go to Disney for every vacation and be in heaven! I’m excited to stay at BC. a deluxe has been on my bucket list.

Would you consider having some delivered via Garden Grocer so as to be sure your needs are met?

I just added a note to my Calendar on my arrival day(7/14) to remember to check with a link back to this thread. So in theory, I shouldn’t forget & will let you know what I find then. If I’d forget to post something by say July 16th or so, please DM me a reminder.

Will be our first stay at BC - really looking forward to it…

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You’re going to love BC!!

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I have considered Garden Grocer.

I check my luggage since I can’t pack for 10 days in a carryon. Last visit, I brought shelf stable quarts of almond/soy milk, double bagged them in gallon size ziplock bags. The issue that time was I was very very close to being over my baggage weight limit.

@Damavs thank you soooo much :slight_smile:

We will be there in 18 days (I’m not counting or anything :slight_smile:) I will add a note to my phone to check and go back to this and let you know. We are doing a Disney Cruise immediately following, so it will be around April 16th before I can get back to you.

I have gluten and dairy allergies, so I feel your pain!

thanks @Mom2Girls1980 i appreciate it! enjoy your cruise!

I know I got it at AK, but can’t recall at BC check Disney chefs rock food allergies FB page. They will know for sure.

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Hi there! I just wanted to follow back up on your question on dairy free milk. We just returned from our stay and they do carry Silk brand dairy free milk at the Beach Club Marketplace. They had vanilla, chocolate, and regular.
I have included a picture here. I hope this helps and that you have a great trip! We loved our stay at Beach Club!
Silk Milk


Thank you so much @Mom2Girls1980!!

Did you find enough variety at the marketplace? How was the food at the resort in general?

I’m so excited for my visit! Too bad it’s still 6 months away. I’m not even within my 180 ADR yet!

You’re very welcome! We only had breakfast in the marketplace one day, and they had a decent selection. Basic breakfast fare you would fine at most quick service places, but they were very accommodating with my allergies. I told them what I had to avoid due to allergies and they gave me several options, including things that weren’t posted on the menu. The cast member service at this resort was outstanding! I can’t say enough positive things about our stay at Beach Club! You will love it!


I am so excited. It is our first Disney Deluxe hotel stay. I hope it lives up to the hype. I’m really looking forward to Stormalong Bay!! I’m so glad you enjoyed your vacation!

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