Beach Club cabanas - limit six people?

Our family of eight is looking into renting a cabana at the Beach Club on our next visit. The webpage says there is a limit of six people per cabana. Does anyone have any experience with this being a flexible number?

No actual experience of this but I have read reports where people were able to add extra guests on the day.

You could ask when you call to book.

Actually I just booked one and was told firm 6 guests. More than that requires multiple cabana bookings.

Yes, when they booked in advance that was the rule.

But then when they actually had the cabana they were told they could have other guests listed, but no more than six using it at a time.

Oh that’s incredibly frustrating. The situation in question would have had that exact thing happening but the guest opted not to book the second cabana and the other guests have since made other plans (and were not especially excited about that).

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And they can’t be booked until 60 days out?




Oh yeah.
I’m thinking of booking one for our first day at BC, so we can’t really take advantage of that +10 thang

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