Beach Club best transportation options

Hi everyone! This is my very first post for my family’s very first WDW trip this June. I am being very ambitious and have booked a split stay 3 days AKL and 3 days BC!! We are super excited! I have hopper passes and am wondering the best and/or pleasurable way to travel with double stroller to/from Beach Club to MK. We will definitely be taking afternoon breaks. Do people go to Epcot via International Gateway, walk/boat to Epcot monorail??? Or just take the bus to MK. Advice please!

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We did both last time we stayed at BCV. The bus was the more direct route - we’d use that for RD. Otherwise, we’d take the monorail back to EPCOT from MK then walk to IG and vice-versa. We’d grab something for the kids from France and a drink for us while we walked. We loved doing that if we weren’t in a hurry.

Have fun with the split stays, those are 2 great resorts!

The bus would be the quickest and only option if trying to make RD.

Have stayed at BC many times. You will have so much fun. If just trying to get to MK as quickly and directly as possible the bus is the way to go. They are used to strollers. Just have it as collapsed as possible before bus shows up to avoid panic of feeling rushed. Maybe take monorail home and saunter back through Epcot.

Others have already answer this question pretty well, so I’ll just add one note to remember that Epcot typically closes at 9:00 PM, so if you’re returning from the Magic Kingdom after Wishes (which will probably be at 10:00 PM in June) you won’t have the option to take the monorail and walk through Epcot.

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Great points everyone! Thanks for the advice.