Beach Club - Best QS Lunch Options

After striking out on a cabana rental for SAB on arrival day (:cry:) I’m revamping our plans. We’ll have spent the two days prior at Loews Royal Pacific doing all of the WWOHP things. That morning we’ll drive from Universal to BCV. We won’t be rushed checking out and heading over. I anticipate us arriving at BCV around noon.

I have APRs for HS that day and will try and snag us a BG for Rise that morning. If we grab one, we will likely just meander over to HS just to ride Rise and explore Batuu. We then have an early dinner ADR at the Rose and Crown at 3:50. After dinner we’ll swim for a few hours at SAB before turning in for the day.

Prior to leaving for HS I’d like to have something for lunch. Reviews on the Marketplace are underwhelming to say the least and A&C Lounge won’t be open yet. What’s our best choice for QS lunch around there? Boardwalk Bakery? Pizza window?

Hurricane Hannah’s at the SAB pool had really great food last time I was there. This was preCovid so not sure what the current situation is.


Check if Fuel at Dolphin is open. They have sub sandwiches that are worth the stop. Swan has a new grab-n-go type place, too. I’d imagine it mirrors Fuel and has the same offerings but I’m not sure. I wouldn’t hesitate to get one of Fuel’s hot subs if they still offer them. Hidden gem.


I have never been inside the S/D before. That’s a nice option. Although now that I’m thinking about it. If we have a big sit down breakfast at Loews before checkout and a dinner at 4 we can maybe get by with snacks in between. Maybe we’ll finally try out Woody’s lunchbox. Looking at the times on MDE today we’d need to mobile order around 10:30 for a pickup window around 1 pm. :fearful:

Yes the Marketplace is pretty gross. We ended up eating there multiple times on the last trip thanks to having a sick kiddo and needing convenience. It was a sad use of dining credits :frowning:

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I’d say to take the Skyliner over to Riviera and get Primo Piatto or Bar Riva, and then you can hop right back on after eating to get to HS. You could even mobile order so it’s ready as soon as you arrive, and there were plenty of tables outside to sit and eat.

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Not a bad idea! We stayed at RR in December and thought Primo Piatto was great!

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Not sure about lunch and if it is even offered but Dinner is great if you are a seafood fan. Crap legs (all you can eat), Claim chowder soup, corn on the cob, Huge cold shrimp. This was a buffet but I am unsure what it has become since the virus changes. Name is Cape May’s Cafe in the Beach Club Resort.

Cape May is not currently open. Wonder if they will open when BCR opens at end of May or if any more of the boardwalk area restaurants will open with the increased resort capacity in the area?

I can eat precisely zero crap legs. :joy::joy::joy:


No problem, I can eat them for you! :crazy_face:

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Didn’t know that. Will hopefully be goin to WDW in October, hope it is open by then. Wouldn’t mind Hoop De Do Review either. :heart_eyes: