Beach Club Advice: Two Rooms - use online check-in or wait?

We are staying at the Beach Club for the first time after seven trips to WDW and staying at Caribbean Beach each time. We have two rooms and need them to be either connecting (if they have that) or at least next to or close to each other.

We filled out the fax form here and that has been sent in…but now the next question is, do we do online check in and add in our requests that the two reservations be connected? Or do we sit tight and try our luck with a cast member at check-in (even if it is less convenient vs the online check-in)?

Curious what other experiences have been.


Hello! We stayed at the Beach Club in August 2014 and we were a large group with 3 rooms. We called to book the room about 200 days out and at that time requested to have 2 rooms connecting and the third nearby. And then 1 week out we called again to confirm these requests and the nice cast member said we were set. But when we arrived and check-in we were put in 3 rooms scattered throughout the Beach Club! Lets just say we were not happy campers! After a long talk with management explaining how we had elderly and needed the rooms to be together, and even touring several rooms options, we were able to get 2 rooms connecting, but the third was on the other side of the resort. Either way we lived and enjoyed our trip.

Now if your adult to child ratio has you with more children under 9 than adults over 2 rooms, you are supposed to be guaranteed connecting rooms according to Disney, so remember that.

Either way let me be the first to say that I hope you enjoy your upcoming trip and to make sure you save LOTS of time for Stormalong Bay, its truly a waterpark in of itself. Oh, and Beaches and Cream is a must-stop ice cream shop. Hope this helped!

As far as I know, this is the WDW equivalent of an urban myth - I have never seen any official WDW documentation that states this.

To answer the OP’s question, using on-line check-in shouldn’t affect your original room request as long as you make no additional requests during it. If you don’t get what you want, then go to the front desk to see what they can do.

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Interesting, when I called to book back in August 2014, I was told this info by a cast member. Either the rules changed or he was lying! HA! Thanks for correcting me!