Beach Club 2 Bedroom Villa

Can someone please suggest a great room at Beach Club:

2 bedroom Villa

We have the following guests:
DM (mom)
DB (brother)
DN6 (niece)

I know some sleep 8 and some sleep 9. We were thinking my DH and I will stay in King and DS can sleep on pullout in the main room. The other bedroom has a queen and a pull out (i think) for my DM and DB. My DN would love one of the pull down beds.

What is the difference between 2 bedroom and 2 bedroom lockoff? If we choose 2 bedroom lockoff we have to request 2 rooms on TP fax?

Do all 2 bedrooms have washer and dryer?

We’d like to be close to transportation, BUT would sacrifice that for an awesome view or closeness to another amenity. Where does the boat pickup in relation to the villas?

Thank you!

My understanding of the difference between a true 2br and a 2br lock off is the 2br is designed as a stand-alone 2br whereas the lockoff is created by a 1br connecting with a studio.

As such a 2br lockoff would have a full kitchen (1br) and a kitchenette in the 2nd bedroom. Since the lockoff is a 1br + studio, you would have a King bed (1br) a pullout (living room) and a queen bed and a pullout sofa. The true 2br would have a king in 1 room and 2 queens in the 2nd bedroom as well as a pullout in the living room (and perhaps a sleeper chair?).

Regardless of the configuration you’ll definitely have washer/dryer in your villa. These are in all 1br and up

I understand that the villas at BC are in one particular wing of the resort which is not particularly close to transportation. Nothing to be done about that.

Anyone, feel free to correct me. I’m just sharing what I understand to be the case at BCV, and have not personally stayed there.

We stayed in a traditional 2 bedroom villa in 2017, room 402. End of the hallway and very quiet. Right next to the stairs (but away from an elevator). Could see Spaceship Earth from our balcony. We liked it!

Beach Club Villas have their own building behind the main resort, nearer the road and parking lot. No great views from any rooms, although you can see the top of SE and some fireworks from some of the rooms although those would be near the road. Not noisy but mostly the view is trees. So your choice is basically a pool view (noisier), trees or the main resort.

But there is a short cut to the bus stops, past the villa pool. You can also take a path to Epcot rather than go through the lobby, but it isn’t particularly easy to find and not intuitive either! So no particular benefit either way. Other than the balconies. Some have large balconies, others are quite small.

Also the difference in sleeping numbers for a 2-bed depends on whether you have a dedicated or a lock-off.

A lock-off sleeps 9. It is a one bed linked to a studio, so the second bedroom is a studio, with a queen, a sofa bed and a pull-down kids bed, plus kitchenette and it’s own entrance. And you could lock the door between the one-bed and the studio for privacy if you wanted.

A room request via TP is still just one fax.

A dedicated has a proper second bedroom with two queens, no pull down. And it’s own bathroom obviously, but not it’s own entrance.

Now if you booked it on points, either your own or rented, you are allowed to have 9 in one, they don’t provide a bed or linens or even extra towels. It’s just because the one-bed only sleeps 4 vs a studio that sleeps 5 so they allow members to have that extra person. But ultimately it would be up to the owner if they are happy to have the extra person on. My guess is a private owner would be fine, but a broker would probably not be in case people didn’t understand and then complained about the “missing” bed.

For your situation, I would go for a lock-off, so DN can sleep in the pull down bed in the studio.

You will have a stacked washer and dryer, and a full kitchen, including a full size fridge with large freezer section, dishwasher, cooker, hob and microwave.

I have no idea what our room number was at the Boardwalk but we did have a 2 bedroom lockoff on the 2nd floor right near the little campfire place and a play area. View was of main pool.

At first I thought we’re miles from the elevator but I discovered lots of nifty short cuts depending on our destination. One direction out our room door and down the stairs and there’s the walkway to HS. Another way and here’s the Boarkwalk. Wanted something from their general store and I was barely gone 10 minutes.

We did get to see the clown face at the pool every time we looked out the window but the room and location were handy. This was in 2013.

It was a HIKE to the guest parking. So much of a hike we avoided our car as much as possible. Since it costs to park now I’d probably fork over the extra and pay for valet.

The boat picks up out on a dock off the Boardwalk proper. The entertainment area.
The villas are behind but if you’re adventurous you might find quicker ways. The bus stop was near the entry where you pull into to check in.