Beach chair available 6/25 at CBR

Hi everyone,
If anyone wants a beach chair left for them at CBR on 6/25 let me know!
Backstory is that I am traveling with my DD12 who wants to sleep in and I am a wake up at 5am person! Staying at CBR so no balcony…I will lose my mind if I stay in the room all morning (and I’m not comfortable leaving her by herself) so my totally self indulgent plan is to get a beach chair delivered and sit in the doorway and read while enjoying coffee and/or mimosas:grinning: which feels slightly less crazy than the inflatable sofa that I considered!!!


What a brilliant idea. DH stays up late and I get up early, I love the thought of sitting outside but still being close by. We get there on June 26th so I’m not sure if a hand off would work or if you had any other takers.

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I wouldn’t have thought twice about leaving my kid alone to sleep when he was 12. Am I a bad parent? (Don’t answer that :joy:)

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absolutely! I can leave it for you at bell services (we leave CBR on the 25th). just message me your name and arrival date!! I love being able to pass it along!!!

nope…i’m a bit bonkers…in all other aspects i try to be normal but this one is out of my ability to control…i just read a book called “what happened to you” and it made me feel a bit better about how/why i am wired the way i am. at home it is fine because we have a 20 pound sweet dog who sounds positively vicious when anyone comes near the house!

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