Be Our Guest Twice?

My daughter booked reservations at Be Our Guest twice during our trip because there are two different rooms she would like her kids - 5 year old twins - to experience. Is this overdoing it? Both are lunches

We are going for breakfast, lunch and dinner next week. Breakfast and lunch are on the free dining plan though. It is some of the better counter service food at MK in my opinion. One of the three rooms is very dark and not the best to eat in though. I think it is the west wing rose room

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We have 2 lunches booked there for our next trip, I think it is the best CS food available (but we are on the DDP - so good value for us)…last time we were there, it is open seating for lunch, so she might be disappointed and not find any available seating in her desired room, you are free to walk around though and check out the entire restaurant.

See my comments on a virtually identical question…

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We are doing this also for our trip in October. I’ve only ever done breakfast, but I want to try each meal

I have to say: during lunch you could pick up your food half way through your meal and move it to another room and finish your meal. That way you can try another QS for lunch.

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Last December, we had a breakfast, lunch and dinner at BOG. We were able to eat in each of the rooms. It was just us. In the past, I took my son when he was 6 and he wouldn’t go into the West Wing, I would play where you sit by ear and see how they react.

I might try 2 different meals there in the same trip, I wouldn’t do the same one twice. We did dinner in the West Wing and loved it, I wouldn’t want to eat anywhere else if we went again. But agree with others that it may be scary for some children. We spent quite a while walking round the other rooms taking pictures after dinner.

When my family went in 2015, we booked BOG 3 times. Once for a pre-park breakfast, one day for a lunch, and one night for a dinner. Now, I do believe that was a little overkill lol; however, we were there for 8 days and wanted to experience BOG in all it’s glory. We were on the dining plan, and for what it was worth, we enjoyed lunch the best. Dinner was a close second. Breakfast was nice to have the chance to get into the parks early. You can walk around to the different rooms at BOG. I would say if she could get a breakfast or a dinner reservation, I would do it twice, but I personally wouldn’t book it 2 times for lunch just to experience the meal in two different rooms. :slight_smile: It is such a fantastic experience though!! :slight_smile:


I did twice in one day. I can see doing it twice for breakfast and lunch because breakfast pre RD is a bit chaotic. I wanted to do lunch also so I had time to look around and not worry about getting out to be first in line.

That being said, lunch was very relaxing. It was easy to find a seat. You could easily switch seats halfway through your meal or just walk around to see all the rooms. They do not seat you. You seat yourself. So it’s very easy to explore where you like.

I will second the comment above that the West Wing is very dark. I took a peek but chose not to eat there just because it was so dim.

We are eating there for breakfast and lunch the same day. It was the only time I could get reservations for. We haven’t been but heard great things. We are trying to experience different things this time.

Personally I don’t believe any of the restaurants in MK are fantastic - they have food and that is pretty much it. I do have to say though that I did enjoy my lunch at BOG as it was a nice departure from Burgers / Fries. Personally - I don’t think it is overdoing it - there is no real draw to me to any of the places in MK and I do think BOG is a bit nicer than other places - so why not do it twice.

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More opportunit for the cupcakes too :slight_smile:

I’ve done it twice in one day for lunch and dinner. This year I’m doing that again with breakfast and dinner and then another day with lunch–so three times in the week.