Be our Guest - Princesses?

Disney’s Be Our Guest webpage suggests that Disney Princesses will now be at Be Our Guest.

What are the current characters for Be Our Guest - breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

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I don’t see anything about princesses, only about “being fit for a princess”.
Unless something has changed, only the Beast at dinner. There are no characters at breakfast or lunch, which are QS but , uniquely, you need to book ahead.

Here’s the link:

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Click on the “Additional Information” hyperlink located under View Menu.


What’s New, Disney Princesses

I’ve never noticed this before. It may have been there all the time.

I don’t think there’s any way that they would introduce princesses in such a well hidden way. They would be shouting it from the rooftops, and using it to justify massive price increases.

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I am on a July FB page with another group and there are no late July reservation for dinner. When people call, the answer is “something magical is happening”

There are lots of people in chat with late July ADRs though, as well as lots of people who couldn’t get them.

Maybe something magical IS happening!!!

The suggestion is that dinner will be turned into a signature dining experience. As in - more money and 2 credits.

And also that they may make breakfast and lunch either a fixed price or something to stop people booking for 6 and having 6 coffees and a cupcake… especially for PPO breakfasts.


I linked this thread to chat just now. I cannot figure out if this is a real thing, a glitch, or if someone at Disney has a great sense of humor.

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From a business model perspective, changing PPO breakfast is a great idea. From a liner perspective - BOOOOO.

I like seeing the opening show :slight_smile: so PPO breakfasts are not for me.

Just wondering if anyone had an update on BOG? Our ADR window for late August opens next week and we always like to have dinner there but it looks right now that they aren’t taking bookings?

None of the sites that I can find discuss it being closed for a refit/refurb?

It’s showing as taking bookings up to 13th August, which is 180 days out I assume. Only people with an onsite stay beyond that would be able to see after that date.

So it looks like it’ll be fine for you.

The chat about it being refitted / switched to Signature Dining came about because they were late in opening for July bookings. It all looks back on track now.


Thanks for this, its my daughter’s favourite!

It’s still not open for dinner reservations after July 26.

It’s also not clear why they have “What’s New - Disney Princesses” under the Additional Information hyperlink on the website.

Arrrgh, didn’t think to check specifically for dinner. I just saw the days open and tried booking for the last day.

Sorry @debsdenton if I got your hopes up. :frowning_face: