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Hi all,

I’ve reached the point that I can pre-order my BOG food but I can’t see where on MDE that I can do it. Can anyone enlighten me please?!

TIA, Brizz

You have to actually go to the website You can’t do BOG through the app. Go to your BOG reservation and you will see where you can click to modify or complete your order.


Thank you, the place order button wasn’t there when I was looking originally but logging in again a few hours later and it’s there.

The confusing thing now is the instructions tell me to order a non-alcoholic beverage as we’re on the dining plan but I thought an alcoholic beverage was now included…

Yes it is included and you’ll be able to order one. I think you might have to order the nonalcoholic one too and sort it out when you pay but I haven’t done it, I’m just trying to remember what others have said!

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I did a breakfast order a couple of weeks ago. It defaulted to cold beverage and I just added a Mimosa too. It charged me a QS credit.


Thanks ladies! I’ve ordered DH a beer. Am assuming it will all be ok to sort on the dining plan once we check in and “pay”.

Quick questions:
Are all the puddings a snack credit? Not clear from the pre-order.
Fountain beverages: Are they all fizzy pop or are there any juice or squash options? 11yo doesn’t like fizz but would rather have something more exciting than water if possible…

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Yes cupcakes etc are a snack credit. I don’t know what drinks they have, sorry.

Drinks are fountain drinks/soft drinks as well as tea and lemonaid from what I remember. My kids don’t like sodas and they both had drinks they liked.

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