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So i am trying to make my advance breakfast choice on the disney site, and for every meal it does not give me the option to change the drink to an alcoholic beverage or the perrier water. Should i just choose the fountain drink and when i get there, say i am getting the mimosa and the perrier water instead of the soda? Or is this whole process easier doing in person at the kiosk? Thanks in advance for the help.

I haven’t gone there on the dining plan or order alcohol, but I believe I’ve seen others say that is exactly what you have to do.

Edit: better yet listen to @PrincipalTinker below for better advice. :smiley:

Order both when you do your preorder. I know it has a price for the alcoholic drink but you will not be charged. They do not bring you a fountain drink. You do not have to get one (self serve).


When we went, we were using the dining plan and weren’t sure about ordering alcohol either.
For lunch, I added on alcohol and not soft drinks. But the soft drinks were self service anyway, so we got those too.
For breakfast, I didn’t add alcohol, as we decided we wouldn’t want it at 08:00, but when we arrived, the CM asked if we wanted to add on any alcohol, since the DDP includes it.
So it is fairly easy to adjust the order once you’re there.

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Thank you, I placed the order with the alcoholic drinks. I am happy that they have this service so I do not have to wait in the long line that morning.

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When you did the lunch, for the drinks did you just get up and got a cup for the soda or did you have the refillable mugs? We were planning on getting water along with the alcoholic drinks so we were wondering if we should bring our water bottles or if they had cups to make it easier.

You asked someone else, but I figured I’ll answer anyway. The cups will be available at the drink station, at least they were in September. It is self service. If you’re referring to the mugs that come with the dining plan, those are for use at your resort. Don’t lug them around the parks with you.

When we were there in May, there were disposable cups at the refill stations at both breakfast and lunch service. You can freely refill the disposable cups with whatever beverage you like from the station.

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Thank you, I was planning on filling up my hydro flask with water at the drinking station. But i know it would be faster and easier to just get water with a cup.

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