Be Our Guest on the dining plan

On the quick service dining plan, eating lunch at Be Our Guest, so you get any dessert off the dessert menu as your dessert option or is it limited?

In 2016 you get a dessert from the lunch dessert menu on the DP. In 2017 dessert is no longer included in CS meals.

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so they don’t limit the options for the DP, you can get anything on the dessert menu? We are going in September.

No limits- the lunch desserts are a little different than dinner but last time I was there- eclair, cupcakes and cream puffs?

Do children get a dessert as well when using CS credit for lunch?

Yes, they do!

Thank you!

Kids meals come with a different type of dessert. I think it was a cookie. Not even close to as yummy looking as the adult meal desserts. Someone had mentioned ordering their child an adult meal so they could get the adult dessert or paying out of pocket for a cupcake for their child. Of course that will change in 2017 as @PrincipalTinker said

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AuntB, is there a separate menu for Kids dessert?? I am pre-ordering but cannot find kids desserts to go with the kids meal.

I think it just comes with the meal. You don’t order separately but I honestly have only ordered a kid’s meal for lunch once and it was over 1 year ago. I might not be the best person to ask.

Bog Lunch kids meals don’t have a seperate desert. You choose 2? sides with the meal. Your desert options are in these choices. Its normally a selection of peach/apple sauce, cookies, veg, fries or sweet potatoes. If you want them to have a cupcake or éclair type desert you will be charged extra. Ordering an adult meal is best value on ddp as above due to pooling of cs credits.

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Is it certain that one can order off the adult menu for children for CS? Going in 2017 and this would be great if true.

Yes. Counter service credits are all pooled together. They are not separated by adult and child.