Be Our Guest - Lunch or Dinner Recommended

I found a dinner reservation this morning for BOG 6/26 at 6:25pm. I went ahead and reserved but have a lunch reservation also that day that was made a while back. I need to cancel one of them. Wondering what you recommend - Lunch or Dinner? Do you meet the Beast with dinner? I’m sure there is price difference too. Hadn’t checked that yet. Thanks!

Lunch is cs dinner ts Beast meets in the library after dinner only. Have done dinner and kids really enjoyed it Haven’t done lunch so can’t comment. Lunch mains about $10-13 dinner $18-30 ish I think plus tip. Menus online at disney dining are up to date.

I’ve done both. I really didn’t think lunch was anything special, but I really enjoyed dinner a lot more. Lunch is a different menu compared to other MK quick service places, but I don’t necessarily think it’s all that much better. Dinner was definitely the best table service meal I’ve eaten in MK, which granted is not exactly the highest of praises, but it was still good.


If it doesn’t matter to your schedule, dinner…Beast M&G, beer/wine, full service…

Our dinner was not good at all. The salmon wasn’t cooked properly (could have been still flopping, it was so raw). But our lunch was amazing!

I’ve done both and liked both. However I would choose dinner. Lunch was loud and a bit chaotic imo. Food was ok. Dinner was delicious and the beast m &g.

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Thanks all. Great info. I’m leaning towards the dinner particularly because of the Beast Meet and Greet . . . I guess that includes photo opportunities too? My kiddos DD 12 (will turn 13 on our trip) and DS 7 would love that! I hope we get the West wing. Sounds the most interesting!
Do they do Photopass photos with the M&G at BOG dinner?

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We did both and I liked the dinner much better. Much less waiting (we had a FP for lunch but it was still a 20-30 minute wait) and better food. We also requested to dine in the west wing at dinner, which provided a great atmosphere and a more intimate experience. And you only get to meet Beast after dinner. There was no Photopass photographer, but the CM was happy to use our camera to snap a shot of us.

I have been to dinner four times and there has been a Photopass Photographer there every time. I too prefer dinner, but I will never order the steak again (once it was great, twice it was basically inedible).

Thanks! Great help! I’ll keep the dinner because I really want to do the meet the Beast thing . . . an I’ll try remember to avoid the steak and salmon!

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My son loves the pork and I was surprised by the shrimp/scallop dish. I really enjoyed that. I do wish I had tried the lamb instead of the steak.