Be Our Guest lunch FP problem - I need your help

I had two reservations. I have just cancelled the one later this month (August) and have the other trip in September. I had gotten into the BoG lunch site and I think I'd clicked on the first vacation (that I've cancelled). I never did pick a reservation but it showed the dates of my August trip. Now, when I go to the reservation site, I can't choose the September vacation - only the August stay comes up (that has been cancelled). Any fix for this?

You may need to be within 30 days of the September trip. Keep trying.

Though you entered the room res number when you log in?

Bog lunch fpps are only available 27 days out.

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Thanks all. I'll keep trying.
Maybe when the dates of the cancelled trip fall off it'll be ok.

If you're within 27 days of your September trip, I'd call wdw help desk. If not, you've got nothing to worry about.