Be our Guest is QS?

Ok I’m a little confused? is BOG a QS or TS? I just booked a ressie for breakfast and it says QS. does that mean I will only be charged aQS credit? That is actually bettter because I have no idea where to use my QS credits, and i can drop my crystal palace res.

It is for breakfast and lunch, then for dinner it is TS.

QS for Breakfast, but no Characters as you would get at the TS Character restaurants

For dining in MK, may I suggest the following Touring Plans page. We found it very useful.

Even though it’s QS for breakfast and lunch, you still need an ADR. No walkups.

I guess basically I have the same question which wasn’t really answered here. If you ADR for QS at BOG do they take a QS credit from your dinning plan or a TS credit? Never had to make ADR’s for a QS meal before.

I think the question was answered. It’s a QS so they take a QS credit.

Thanks, As stated I never used a ADR for lunches. BOG on the other hand is hard to get but lunches weren’t too bad. Dinners on the other hand are hard to snag but thanks to UOF reservations finder I manage to snag two. Persistence is the key as well as quickness. Make the reservation via phone as soon as notified of one. Don’t take time to question when it is or what day just make it. If it doesn’t fit your needs cancel it and someone else will take it immediately. DocHopper :rofl:

We have eaten at Be Our Guest for all three meals. Here is what I can tell you. For bkfst or lunch, it is a QS credit. 30 days out, you can order your food. When you arrive, you check in, get a ticket, go through a cafeteria style area where you pick up your drinks. Then they bring your food to the table. When you check in, you choose which area to sit in. There is the library, which was really boring and looks like a cafeteria. There is the ballroom which is beautiful, but very open and noisy. Then there is the West Wing. I have not been there during the day, but at dinner it was awesome! Dark with lots of really cool theming. At Dinner it is a Table Service Credit. You order excellent food from the menu. They bring the dessert cart at the end and you get to pick your dessert. After dinner, we also got to have photo shoot with the Beast at the end of the meal. He does not come to the table. You see him on the way out - similar to how you see Cinderella on the way in to CRT. (this does not happen at bkfst or lunch)
Hope that helps!

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