Be Our Guest for Teens

I have been hearing great things about Be Our Guest. Is this something for younger children or all ages? I have teenagers and don’t want to make a reservation for a meal that they really won’t be impressed with. I was considering breakfast.

We did dinner with our 11 going on 30 year old son (it was actually just before he turned 12). We sat in the West Wing and he loved it. He loved the food too. This is a child who at the age of 7 said that MK was for babies, he has quite adult tastes.

MK… for Babies??? wha, what/!!!

Given the technological effects of the restaurant, I would say it’s good for all ages. Beast’s Room/West Wing has, I think, the most effects, while the grand ball room is impressive but less going on.

Using it as a pre-rope drop breakfast is probably it’s absolute best application.

I know! Basically when we go now we just ride the mountains over and over. He’ll do 7DMT but otherwise forget FL. He loves Hall of Presidents, even though we’re English.

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ds at 10 and 13 loved the dark west wing with the thunder and lightning. The fact it is really dark and scary ( think Haunted mansion) and there are no princesses etc will make it a hit. Have done both lunch and dinner. Dinner was better than lunch and we got to meet the Beast afterwards which was awesome.

I’m 27 and I love it. As a teenager I would have felt exactly the same, possibly even more. But I am a massive BatB fan who went bright red when meeting what I rationally knew was just a guy in a beast suit but still fangirled all over. But the food was good and the whole theme is just spot on!

Its a restaurant - nothing special IMHO. Food was better than most counter service but don’t think it is for or anti any age group. If it is a surly teenager nothing will impress them HA

We went for dinner in Nov. I’m 23 and my sister is 17 and we LOVED it! It was our favorite meal the whole trip. I got the shrimp and scallops dish and it was amazing! We requested the west wing and we were glad we did. I find it shocking how some people say they don’t like it. I would highly recommend dinner there! :smiley:

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Going with twin grandchildren who are 5. Their mom is really into it and booked this place two days in a row because she said there are three different areas to eat. How do you designate on your reservation which room you want and is it worth it to go two days in a row?

It’s first come first serve for breakfast and lunch; you pick any table that you want. I ate lunch there, and it was a one-and-done for me. The food was really no better than any other QS, and you’re free to walk around and see all three rooms. Dinner is a whole different (TS) experience where you are seated by a CM; I don’t think they use all three rooms for dinner service, but I don’t know this from first-hand experience.

My 14,17 and 19 year olds are making me eat there for breakfast and lunch this trip. They love the place. And they are all boys.

I thought they didn’t use all 3 for breakfast and lunch but did for dinner, I also could be wrong! We did look around though after dinner and I don’t remember a room being empty.

@bswan They may or may not use the music box room for dinner, but all 3 are open for lunch.

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