Be Our Guest early breakfast reservation/plans

Have 8:20 AM Be Our Guest Breakfast reservation. Can anyone please advise:
a) what time can we show up at (earliest) to be fed if before 8:20? and
b) if we can finish breakfast before 9 AM rope drop, can we run over to Meet Anna and Elsa at Princess Fairytale Hall and hopefully shave time off the wait standby (no FP available)? Thanks :slight_smile:

You will be able to get into the park with the pre RD ADR crowd around 7:45. Make sure you check park hours and confirm the park is not opening until 9:00. You can leave BOG well before 9:00 and get in line but it may not open until 9:00.

We had the same ADR time a few weeks ago, were let in at 7:45 with the rest of the crowd and were ordering our meals by 8am. We were done eating by 8:30, so plenty of time. Just keep in mind they’ll hold you back at a certain point (not sure where for A&E) so you probably won’t be able to hop in line right away. We were held until 8:50, but we still beat the RD crowd.

Many thanks for the good advice lgorgone & PrincipalTinker :slight_smile:

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I had an 8:10 BOG last month. We were let in at 8:00 and were done by 8:35 (pre-order to speed things up). The held us in front of the carousel and made us walk the long way around to Anna and Elsa. We were third in line and the opened about 5-10 minutes early. We were done with Anna and Elsa and were in line for Cinderella and Rapunzel before 9:00 (we were 5th in line for this because everyone was in Anna and Elsa line). Done with Cinderella and Rapunzel before 9:10. Husband and Son rode mine train twice during this time period.
BOG breakfast was great (lunch was just ok). We ordered two of the donuts and two of the meat/cheese bread trays and shared all of it and it was amazing. Tons of food!

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