Be Our Guest Dinner Hours - Sept

Anyone know why BOG dinner hours are only 4-6pm for all dates so far in September? And no dinner available at all on 9/11/15.

I would imagine that on September 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27 it’s because of MNSSHP. I can’t imagine why, after that.

How does that work, anyway? On party nights, can one get an ADR for after the party starts? I know FPP shuts down but what about restaurants?

I don’t believe any of the TS restaurants operate during parties, the exception being the hard ticket thing at CRT if they do that again

I find this interesting because the Plaza hours are the same: only open until 6pm for all september days so far.

for an adr on a party night you need a ticket to book any time after 6.45. They don’t open up the reservations until the hard tickets are available to buy now ( so ive heard) so you buy hard ticket then book adr. Its probably easier for them to block out full weeks at the moment rather than individual days until hard tickets go on sale.