Be Our Guest dining rooms

Reservation for dinner at BOG. Do we get to pick our dining room. If so, could someone explain them! Thx

We were able to request the West Wing both times we had dinner there. The West Wing is darker and smaller and has special effects. We loved it!

The Ballroom is larger and a little more noisy. You can sit by the "window" and watch the "snow fall." We have eaten in there 2x for lunch.

I think the 3rd room is the Library. It is smaller than the Ballroom but larger than the West Wing and is bright as is the Ballroom. We ate there once for lunch and liked it better than the Ballroom because of its size.

Some little ones are frightened by the West Wing because of the lighting and the special effects. Our son who is easily frightened loved this room the best.

You can request a room when you check in but they can't promise anything. The West Wing is cool, but dark. Some kids may have a hard time in there. It's small and doesn't have much seating. The Ballroom is the main seating area. Then there is also the Rose room (I think that's what it's called) It's my new favorite room. Its not as loud as the other two.

Agree with @snowwhitenyc our youngest was scared of the lightning and thunder in the west wing.

Is the Library (or whatever it's called) available for dinner? Thought I read that it's used for dinner prep but could be totally off base on that one.

I've eaten in there twice at dinner. Quieter and more relaxing than the other rooms. More room to spread out

Ballroom is very noisy. I would ask for one of the other 2 rooms. Are there 2 other rooms? Can't remember but I think there are.

Yes. 3 rooms

I love the ballroom, despite the noise level, because of the wow factor of feeling like you are right in the movie. I especially like to sit right next to the windows where you can watch it snow outside. smile
DD6.9 really loves the dining room to the right with the music box dancers in the center and cute paintings on the walls. I find it kind of boring, but she likes it.
Then there is the west wing off to the left. We always stop by for a peak to see the magical rose and the portrait of beast, but it is dark and foreboding and my kids find the occasional thunder in there too scary.

How does meeting the Beast work at dinner? Is it the same “working the room” approach as other characters or is he located somewhere and you line up for him?

I am planning a glass or two of wine, a cupcake for the child and seeing Beast for dinner (eating dinner at CRT). Wondering if I can control getting in and out or if I have to wait for the grand circle meet & greet

The Beast meets in a room off to the side. You just get in line. They don’t want you to meet him until you are done with your meal.

Or done with my glass of wine and cupcake? Much thanks!

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He makes appearances during dinner and waves at each room, only to retreat to the room with the ordering kiosks for lunch