Be Our Guest Breakfast preorder

We are preordering-Do we have to order off the adult menus, or can an adult order off the kids menu? Are the kids portions small??

As long as you aren’t on the dining plan, you can order anything you’d like from kids or adults menu. Dining plan credits (only table service though) are associated with adult or child unless on deluxe plan.

Actually QS credits are not separated into adult & child. They are all pooled together.


You are correct!! Sorry for my incorrect reply. :flushed: Although kids are “supposed” to order off children’s menu, but no rules for adults.

Was totally not being snarky! No need to apologize. I screw stuff up all the time.

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To be honest, we thought the adult portions were small. Like 2 bits of bacon, 1 sausage. And for 4 of us, we got 6 small pastries.

I guess it depends if you’re big breakfast eaters.

We were on meal plan (DH, me, DD14, and DS 8) and all ordered adult meals. QS credits are pooled.

I got something off the kids menu when I went in Jan, and I found it small - that being said, I was able to get a Mickey ice cream bar a little later in the morning because I wasn’t full from breakfast, but if you want it to carry you through to lunch, then I doubt the kids meals would be enough for an adult