Be Our Guest Breakfast -can adults still order from kids menu?

As there is a note at the bottom of the kids menu on-line that states “Kids menu items for children ages 9 and younger”, can adults now not order off the kids menu? We are not on the dining plan. I don’t know if that note has always been there, but everywhere else I had read ordering from the kids menu was no problem. Several members of our party are also not breakfast eaters, so some on our reservation won’t be ordering anything - which I had also read would be fine. We are eating there for breakfast on Sun, May 12th. Thoughts/experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!

Kids menus are always listed as being for guests aged 9 and under - 10 is a Disney adult. But yes you can order a kids meal.

I always just look at it as they are warning you the portions are appropriate for those under 10. I don’t look at it as we will on sell these meals to people under 10 or people under 10 are the only ones allowed to purchase these meals.


And I think, too, the age range might be listed for the dining plan? If you have a child under ten on the dining plan then they should be selecting their meals from the children’s menu since the cost is less for under ten.

Although for QS credits are pooled so they can order adult meals, though technically they are supposed to order childrens’s meals if available.

Very occasionally you do hear that someone is given a hard time ordering from the kids menu but it’s rare. And not at BOG.

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I ate there last week and both DH and I ordered kids meals for breakfast. It’s the only way to get oatmeal and that’s his breakfast of choice. Plus with the pastries, it’s a lot of food, even for an adult.