Be Our Guest blocked for dinner in July 2018

I have been trying to make BOG dinner reservations for the end of July for a week and everything is blocked off. You can make breakfast and lunch reservations but not dinner. We called Disney and they said that the manager requested that dinner reservations not be released yet. Does anyone know what’s going on? Or when we might expect to be able to make reservations? It’s so strange. We have been to Disney twice before and have never had this problem.

Maybe a private party? Although, to take out the whole restaurant for all of dinner would be quite the huge private party!

For a night I could understand a buyout. But from what I’ve read on another forum it is no dinner ADRs for most to all of July AT ALL.

I have heard that people are having difficulty booking pre-opening QS ADRs at BOG and there is speculation that Disney may add a special event/character interaction/who-know-what in the morning to capitalize on the popularity of eating in the Beast’s castle and being so near SDMT. I’m shocked that you can still use a QS credit for breakfast and lunch. It was a great use of a QS credit for our family with the location, decor, food, and refillable drinks. 100% worth it!

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I’ve also read speculation that they may end up turning breakfast into a prix fixe meal where every person is charged for a full meal because so many people were booking PPO ADRs and only getting a cupcake and coffee simply to get on the “coaster” (yes, I used the quotes intentionally. LOL.). It doesn’t take an accounting genius to see that even at full occupancy too many “coffee/drink for everyone (maybe) and just one cupcake for the table” ADRs is going to fill up the restaurant but NOT turn a profit.

They opened up all those pre a rope drop BOG breakfasts earlier this week.


Did you do the touring plans reservation finder? It will send you a text when there is an opening. I did for June and found the reservations this way.

Thanks everyone for your replies! I’m glad to hear at least that it’s not just us who’ve encountered this problem for this summer. :blush:

@berbs5 Thanks for the touring plans reservation finder idea! I’ve never tried that. I’m signed up now.

If nothing else, I was able to make a couple of QS lunch reservations so that will have to do if I can’t figure the dinner reservation out. It’s just disappointing because that was always one of our favorite parts.

I’ll post an update if I figure anything out.

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Update: Be Our Guest is open for reservations in July!


I just spoke to Cast Member Kathy and was told the same thing, but said starting July, NO dinner reservations UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Another blog site is suggesting that they may be revamping the menu OR changing to Signature Dining that will require 2 DDP credits. After I got off the phone, I got right in to make a lunch reservation. Will keep monitoring, but hoping after a few weeks further information will be revealed! Also heard that service ratings have been falling…but that was just hearsay from a co-worker, don’t know the source.

FWIW, I was able to book an ADR for dinner on 7/21 at my 180 day mark - the 21st would have been 180+7 for us. Certainly possible the block came in after that, but they also didn’t cancel my ADR (yet - now you have me worried) :frowning:

So there are no reservations after August 19th also, They have just announced the prix fix, will this be for all meals? These reservations should open up for the new prix fix option at some point I would think?

Here’s the link to the prix-fix announcement (from other thread):

The ending says “…beginning July 27 at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Reservations will open this Friday, February 23rd…”

So Friday should be the bogey for when the ADRs open.

This specifically says Dinner, I wonder what will happen for breakfast and lunch?

Valid point - I haven’t heard of any changes coming for Breakfast/Lunch, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming. I’d presume Breakfast/Lunch ADRs will open at the same point, but that’s a guess…

Well breakfast is already prix fixe, isn’t it? It just doesn’t come out in stages.

Either way, so long as BOG doesn’t skyrocket in price or turn into a buffett/character breakfast, I’m happy. I actually enjoyed the breakfast fare, and the food is quick to come out, so I don’t mind getting the full breakfast.

Breakfast was theoretically a price fixe, but there is no requirement to order even one full meal, much less one per person. And so you get people making ADRs for multiple people and ordering one cupcake and one drink. Just to get in for a PPO time.

I could see them going to a requirement to order one meal/person at breakfast in the future. It cannot be cost-effective for them to run it as-is. Maybe they are trying to get dinner (also a victim of the “one cupcake order” for the possibility of seeing Beast) to financially cover the losses they have to be making on breakfast.

I don’t think lunch falls as much of a victim to minimal ordering, so it may stay as-is.


At 6am CT I got on the computer to try to get a reservation at BOG but dinner wouldn’t even register. So as I repeatedly refreshed the page, I also called Disney and was told I would have a 2 hour wait. After about 30-35 minutes, I was told that there’s been a delay and that they have no further information about when the dinner reservations would become available. But, around 7:45am, touring plans reservation finder to the rescue! I got a text from TP telling me that a reservation was now available. And as I should have been bundling my children and getting them out the door to school, I got the reservation! And managed to get the kids to school in time too! Happy Friday!


So I see that BOG will switch to a signature service restaurant in July and upgrading their menu to a higher end 3-course meal and it will result in 2 credits for the Disney Dining plan - Any thoughts on whether the service/quality up until that point will severely decrease or increase? We were lucky enough to land 2 reservations(end of May and 1st week of June) and I’m wondering if the last 4 months of BOG as a regular restaurant will be a smooth transition(less magical) or should we get rid of one of them and dine somewhere else. In our experience, 2 credit restaurants are a rip off if you are trying to make the plan a decent value, so this may be our last 2 times at BOG unless we come into some kind of fortune.