Be on the Tomorrowland

During our Disney trip, I ended up finding the perfect shirt in the Space Mountain gift shop! It looked like this…

Now, when I got back to the resort to try it on, it was too small. (I typically wear a men’s medium, but this felt more like a men’s small.) So, I was on the lookout for it throughout the trip. I returned the original at the Pop Century gift shop.

Anyhow, back at MK on our last day, but all they had was small and medium. No large. I asked a cast member, and she went in back to see if they had more. No go. She did say, however, they also sold it at Star Traders. So I went over there, found the shirts. Alas, no larges. I asked another cast member, who happily checked in back for me, but no go.

Later that evening at World of Disney in Disney Springs, I asked a cast member if they had it. She went and looked it up and confirmed that it is ONLY sold in Tomorrowland at MK.

As such, I couldn’t get my shirt.

Now, we’ll be back to in December. But I worry that it might not actually be available. (Similarly, my wife was unable to find any adult sized “Together Again” shirts anywhere.)

So, if anyone happens to be in Tomorrowland and see this shirt in LARGE, please let me know. It will give me hope they will get more in stock. Otherwise, I’ll have to plan on finding something else!



I’ve had the same issue with shirts I’ve bought at WDW. (I, now, always make sure to get an XL just to be sure it fits)

I have a great Tower of Terror & a Yoda Star Tours shirt that I have only worn 1 - 2 times, but keep anyway. I swear I’m gonna lose about 10 - 15 pounds one day just so I can wear those regularly!

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In the past when we had an issue with a bracelet my wife bought in Adventureland, merchandise support was able to help me identify it and find one in the park to replace it… The CM on the phone was terrific, might be worth a shot!

(877) 560-6477

Hey, also looks like 3rd parties are selling this shirt too?

See Google Image Search for more…

Yes…but those are not authentic. They are violating Disney copyright. I want the real deal Disney stuff if at all possible!

Hmm. I’ll see if I can contact them about this item. And I might as well ask about the Together Again T-shirt while I’m at it!

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I’ll look in October for you if you haven’t gotten one by then!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I received feedback from WDW about this. I received this back:


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I may have found something, you have a message

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Thanks to @vndt I was able to secure an authentic Disney T PeopleMover shirt.

Came today.


This is almost as good as riding the people mover. Ok not really. But sort of. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: