BCV to CR to EPCOT for RD?

Presuming EPCOT opens at 10 in the spring, is it crazy to even attempt going from BCV to hit the Chef Mickey character breakfast and make it back for RD?

Otherwise I think Chef Mickey is off the menu.
Sure it’s practicable for non-Park days but we’ll be sleeping in on those days I think.

What methods are you willing to take to get there? If Uber, you might be able to squeak by if you do as early a breakfast as you can.

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That’d be Uber to CR and then Uber back to EPCOT?

What’s early morning accessibility for Uber drop offs at EPCOT?
Are they held back at some remote spot until official park opening or can they get you right in to the Main Gate?

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How late is sleeping in? Breakfast is probably on till 10:30. Our favorite breakfast time. :+1:

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Are you looking for characters? Would you consider Cape May of it opens?

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Definitely. Even in the current modified version that we’ve seen.

The eternal question.

Beyond the simple act of opening eyes and shifting from the horizontal, after a couple of park days actually achieving forward momentum with my family might challenge any scheduling effort.

I hear that.

Last Wednesday was resort day because Tuesday was Epcot day. We kinda slept in on Epcot day also, and all we’d done so far was a few hours at MK on Sunday and most of Monday at AK. And we had long naps Monday afternoon also. In our defense, Sunday and Monday were hot.

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