BCV Nov, any hope for less $$

We’re doing a split stay BLT - we were able to rent points. While waiting for points for The Beach Club Villas November 15-17 The Studio got sold out. We really had our hopes set on it (we love the convenience to Epcot and HS) so I booked it through Disney at rack rates. Is there any hope for a lower rate, or free dining, or any kind of deal we we get closer. I have no idea how rack rates or specials work through the Disney sites, as we’ve only been once and rented points. Is there anything to hope for or that I should look out for?

I booked a 1 bedroom at SS for free dining last year so there is always hope.

Yes, there is hope for that. It may be a couple of months yet before Disney announces any specials for that time of year. We booked at POR several years ago and Disney came out with better specials several months later. I called and asked, and they gave me the better rate. You have other options as well. You can keep an eye out for BCV openings with however you rented the points in the first place, or with the major brokers. We’ve rented points several times in the past as well, and have booked DVC rooms as much as 10 months in advance and as little as 2 weeks ahead. It seems like new opportunities open up weekly as vacation club owners change their plans. Then there are vacation planners such as Magical Vacations Travel. We recently booked a room thru them for a stay in early Dec this year at the BC resort and at rates less than rack with the assurance if anything better comes up between then and now, they would attempt to secure it for us. Good luck

Do you have to book 5 nights to qualify for free dining? I know you do in the UK

No, I have a three night free dining reservation.

Oh I didn’t know there was a minimum, good point thank you. We only need 2 nights so maybe that isn’t even an option for us.