BCV -- 2 studios adjoining?

We’re thinking about trying to rent two studios at Beach Club Villas, and would love to have them connected. I called to see if that’s even possible, and they said yes, but not with the most confidence! Does anyone know from experience if it’s even possible to get two studios that are adjoining?

Check the room finder on this site. I’m not sure that there are lock-offs for 2 studios. Usually it’s a studio & a 1 bedroom that have the lock-off so they can then make a 2 bedroom when unlocked.

Thanks – haven’t been since the room finer tool was added here, so I forgot about it! I mentioned that I thought they only opened to 1-bedrooms, but the person I spoke to said it was possible. I’ll check the room finder to see if it can shed any light.

How are the rooms with lock-offs different?

@s2trwass – I think the only difference is that they would connect on the inside of the room – so you can go from one room to the next without going in the hallway. But I haven’t ever stayed in one, so that’s just my understanding.

For us this would help so my husband and I wouldn’t need to split up and stay with the kids in different rooms. Could keep the doors to the hallway locked and open the door connecting the two studios.

We are staying at BCV for the first time in April. I spent quite awhile looking at all 5 floors of rooms trying to find the perfect mix of location, view, and a studio that does not connect to another room. There are no studios that connect to another studio, only studios that connect to a 1 bedroom. You may want to rent points and go for the 2 bedroom if it is important to all be together.

Thanks @Wahoohokie. I did more research today and have come to that conclusion as well. There are some adjacent rooms, but don’t think at will work for us. Unfortunately, the 2-bedroom option would be over $1k more for our stay (7 nights), so think that’s out of the budget!

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Are the pool side rooms in Beach Club Villas nice views? What area of the Villas would you recommend?

Are the pool side rooms in BCV nice views? What area of the Villas would you recommend?

We haven’t stayed there yet, so not sure. I am generally not a fan of poolside rooms due to the noise factor, but don’t know if that would be an issue for you. My preference is always highest floor, again due to noise.