Bcv 1brm

Anyone have a good room suggestion for BCV 1Brm? I would love a big balcony but think they might be the 2brms???


I have only ever stayed in 2BRs. However, I would just note that it is very difficult to get your preferred room in BCV because it’s all DVC and everyone knows what the best rooms are and are requesting the same thing!

So I would recommend being as broad as possible. State your priorities in order, such as:

  1. Close to transportation
  2. Upper floor
  3. Away from elevators

(Just an example)

You could even specifically request a room with a long balcony – maybe the CMs will have a way to know which ones those are?

Here’s the room request tool with a map of the rooms:

It looks like most of the long balcony rooms are on the 2nd and 4th floor, with some on the 3rd and 5th floor in the center of the building.


Thanks Jeff- I had been looking at that- but most did not have good pics of balcony. Im usually ok with whatever I get, but there’s really not that many rooms there.

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We lucked into 429 last month. I had only requested “high floor” via DVC chat because I wanted a refurbished room with Murphy bed. The balcony was huge!

On the diagram above, 429 is the colored square on the lower angled part of the building, facing the walkways (opposite side from the pool).


If you request what used to be called “fireworks” or “Epcot view” back in the day you’ll have SSE outside your window. It’s glorious. Especially the lights on it now.

Of course those categories aren’t designated anymore but here is an old cheat sheet.