BCR early check in

Hello, we will be arriving at Disney in the next week and I completed the early check in online a few days ago. It lets you pick 2 options for room type. I selected 1st ground floor and 2nd large balcony however I went back today to check it and only see large balcony on my check-in. I have hit update check in and changed to include ground floor but after I hit complete the ground floor request disappears and only the large balcony stays. I have even tried only listing ground floor and not a second request, save and complete and it still goes back to large balcony. I would rather have ground floor or lower floor. I check in early last year at AOA and did not have any issues

I do have a fax set to go out in a few days however this make me concerned they have already put me in a room!? Anyone seen this before? I’m traveling in large family and we have 3 rooms, same thing is happening on all rooms.

I would call and talk to someone. It’s impossible to have both a balcony and a 1st floor room, so maybe that glitched it. First floor rooms have patios. Regardless, if you talk to someone, they can look at your reservation to see what requests are listed and then make changes as you instruct. I would not follow up with a fax once you get things settled over the phone. It’s usually advised to do requests either online, by phone OR by fax. Doing more than one confuses things. If they can’t figure out what you want or if the combined requests cancel each other out, then it all gets ignored.

At BC not every room has a balcony. If that is truly what you want I would not ask for anything else.