BBQ TS restaurant still coming to Toy Story Land in HS?

I remember reading that there was a Toy Story themed BBQ table service restaurant planned for the TSL area of HS. I feel like I read the announcement in 2019, and I never heard anything about it again.

I know lots of things are on hold, and with so many restaurants still closed, they are unlikely to make a new restaurant a priority. Has there been any news to say that this is still going to happen in the future?

They haven’t made an official announcement yet on opening date but it is still supposed to come.

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Hopefully this summer, here is the latest news:

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Oh this makes me so happy! Thank you for the link. I’m hoping for a May 2022 trip with my sister’s family, the nephews will love this!

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Hmmm…I thought I saw a rumor that this was restaurant was put on indefinite hold. Let me see if I can dig up a link.

ETA: can’t find a link, so it was either in a podcast or I’m imagining things…

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Thank you for looking. I’m worried with so many things closed and being put on hold that it may be delayed as you said, but I am staying hopeful :slight_smile:

Responding to my own post in case anyone else was curious. It looks like they are still working on the Round Up Rodeo BBQ Restaurant!